Wedding Photographers

Guidelines For Hiring A Great Wedding Photographer

Hiring a wedding photographer needs a little more research than booking the other wedding vendors. The reason why, it is something that you cannot hear, smell or taste. All you can do is to analyse his/her professional skills as per your unique taste and style. In fact, you do not even get to see anything at first and do not even know what you are going to get until you receive the final product. Hence, do a little careful research and selectiveness while looking for a shutterbug.   Decide on your style First thing first. Decide on the type of photography you want in your wedding and look for a photographer accordingly. Does any of the following photography styles appeals…

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8 Female Photographers Are Giving A Delightful Twist To The Wedding Photography

Do you think there are certain things only men are good at? Then take out some time to check the reality. This is the 21st Century my dear where men and women are rubbing shoulders in all professions and giving each other a tough competition. Wedding photography is no exception in that regard. If men are carving out a distinctive name for themselves in the industry, women are stirring a storm too. Do not believe us? Check out yourself!   Ronicka Kandhari A pioneer and a trendsetter for over a decade in wedding photography, Ronicka Kandhari needs no introduction. Her work speaks on her behalf. She is an expert in luxury wedding photography and knows how to create a magic…

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