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Looking For A Florist? Read the Guidelines First

Flowers are the most important things in any ceremony, and when it is a wedding they just play an indispensable role. You perhaps need them more in the wedding than in any other occasions in life. Having said that, it’s advisable to look for a florist who will not let you down in respect to quantity, themes, and designs. Here, we share with you the guidelines for hiring a suitable florist as per your budget and style. After all, we have promised you to be by your side in every step of your wedding planning.   Decide on the budget Haven’t you heard the saying “cut your coat according to cloth?” It fits well in this situation. You can have…

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Wedding Entrance Decor Ideas: Because That Will Create The First Impression

We have been talking about a plethora of wedding ideas, starting from wedding outfits to jewellery, shopping destinations to wedding destinations and much more but what we have missed in this while is to talk about the wedding entrance decor ideas.  How important is that? Well, all we can say is, a well-decorated wedding entrance creates the first impression when the guests enter the marriage hall and as you know, the first impression is the last impression. Now, let’s check out some of the splendid wedding entrance decor ideas that are sure to captivate your mind.   The entrance decorated with marigold As we all know that marigold can never go wrong with wedding venue decor, so, we begin with…

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6 Wedding Venue Decor Ideas Only With Ferns & Herbs

It’s no more a secret that wedding decor ideas are getting an incessant face-lift and achieving a  whole new level. Otherwise, who could imagine that herbs and plants would replace flowers in wedding decor? And much to the surprise, the former is adding an urban chic look to the venues and inspiring people for the Go Green idea. In fact, decorating the wedding venues only with ferns have become such a big hit these days that almost all the brides and grooms-to-be are taking a deep interest in it. So, today, we thought to offer you some of those ideas of decorating your wedding venue with ferns and herbs. Hope you will love them all.   #Idea 1 Since when this…

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Simple Wedding Venue Decor Only With Colourful Fabrics: Isn’t That Awesome?

As the time is passing by, we are coming across more and more stupendous wedding venue decor ideas. Like in our last blog we discussed wedding table decor with candles and flowers, this time let’s take a look at some of the stunning decors only and only with colourful fabrics. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Now, let’s flip through some of the decor ideas that are sure to captivate your mind!   #Decor with yellow & pink fabric This simple wedding venue decor with bright pink and yellow fabrics along with a tinge of gold and green brocade fabrics are giving us a major inspiration. While the festive season is all around, this decor is reminding us that it’s the time to…

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Flowers + Candles = Gorgeous Wedding Table Decor

Wedding table decor with pretty pink flowers and candles

As soon as your wedding date is fixed, your mind starts thinking about all the beautiful things about the wedding. A lovely wedding lehenga, a gorgeous set of jewellery, a beautiful wedding venue, a pretty wedding decor and so on and so forth. Well, talking about the wedding decor, it reminds us of those adorable wedding table decor ideas that we often come across in the weddings. But honestly speaking, our favourites are those that are decorated with flowers and candles as they evoke an endless charm and create the perfect romantic ambiance for the occasion. And that’s exactly what you need in your D-Day, isn’t it? Now let’s check out some of those pretty wedding table decors that we…

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6 Wondrous Wedding Decor Ideas Only And Only With Marigold

A wedding or an anniversary, a birthday party or a cocktail party, the venue decorated with marigold always lends a charming touch to the occasion – this we were sure of. But what we never knew were such creative decor ideas with this flower. Recently, we came across some beautiful wedding venue decor with marigold that simply did nothing less than taking our breath away. If you think we are exaggerating then you should see to believe them.   This marigold decor idea is our favourite. A simple background with marigold flowers hanging like a curtain looks so pleasant. And the best part is they are rightly coordinated with the fabrics used for the decor. As a result, it turns out…

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