Top 6 Designer Stores For Buying Wedding Trousseau In Mumbai

Designer stores in Mumbai

When you reside in the city of stars, it becomes obligatory to dress up in a filmy way in the weddings. Sometimes, it becomes challenging to choose the right outfit and compete for being fashion-forward. So, today we have decided to list down top 6 designer stores in Mumbai where you will find the best of your choice. Featuring unique designs and styles, each of the stores offer a splendid collection and myriad choice to pick an ideal piece for your D-Day.   Jade by Monica & Karishma Located at Peddar Road in Mumbai, next to Jaslok Hospital, this high-end boutique has become a paradise for almost all the brides of the B-town. Women say that they are spoilt for…

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What Should Guests Wear To A Wedding This Season?

Let us for a while shift the spotlight from the bride and groom to the guests and discuss what they should wear and what they should not to a wedding. While there are many ground rules for dressing up for a wedding, the most important one is, wear something that is comfortable and does not look over do. Well, that of course, does not mean you will wear a too casual and simple cloth, but at least not something brighter and gaudier than the wedding couple. Here are some tips that you can follow in your next wedding invitation. Keep it subtle and elegant There are many women who you will find wrapped in a glossy fabric and an extravagant…

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