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5 Bridal Makeup Tips To Come To Your Rescue This Winter

Bridal makeup tips in winter

Winter is considered to be the best wedding season in India and we totally agree on this. After all, it’s that time of the year when you can dress to your heart’s desire without worrying about sweating. But the only thing that bothers our brides during this season is how to take care of makeup as the skin tends to lose moisture and becomes dry. So, today we bring to you a few handy bridal makeup tips that will help you to achieve the best bridal look during winter.   Cleansing and moisturizing We have been hearing of these two steps of skincare since childhood – cleansing and moisturizing and we all know they work wonder, especially during winter. They…

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A Few Essential Tips By The Top B-town Makeup Artists For Your Bridal Makeup

Being a soon-to-be bride, you must be receiving a lot of tips on wedding trousseau, diet, jewellery, venue decor and much more from friends and relatives. Now, it’s the time to get some handy tips on wedding makeup, coming directly from the top B-town makeup artists. Mickey Contractor Moisturising the skin should be the first thing to do before applying the makeup, says the makeup maestro Mickey Contractor. Need no introduction, he also says, the ‘eyes’ should get the prime attention for makeup as they speak volumes. People with small eyes should use mascara liberally and blend the highlighter well in the middle of the eyelids for making the eyes look big and wide. He  recommends hot pink lipstick to…

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