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A Few Essential Tips By The Top B-town Makeup Artists For Your Bridal Makeup

Being a soon-to-be bride, you must be receiving a lot of tips on wedding trousseau, diet, jewellery, venue decor and much more from friends and relatives. Now, it’s the time to get some handy tips on wedding makeup, coming directly from the top B-town makeup artists. Mickey Contractor Moisturising the skin should be the first thing to do before applying the makeup, says the makeup maestro Mickey Contractor. Need no introduction, he also says, the ‘eyes’ should get the prime attention for makeup as they speak volumes. People with small eyes should use mascara liberally and blend the highlighter well in the middle of the eyelids for making the eyes look big and wide. He  recommends hot pink lipstick to…

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5 Mistakes Brides Tend To Commit According To The Makeup Artists

Makeup artists are the saviours for the brides on their wedding day. They are the ones who turn their dull skin glowing, pimpled skin flawless, tiring eyes bright, and frizzy hair shiny and silky with a stroke of a magical wand. So, of course, their valuable words really matter to us. Let’s check out what they say. Though there’s a lot of awareness among the brides about makeup and hairstyle yet there are certain things they tend to go wrong with for their wedding day. Let see the mistakes they tend to commit often. #Mistake 1: Keeping it for the last moment According to the makeup artists, the biggest mistake the brides commit is keeping the task of hiring a makeup…

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Top 5 Makeup Artists in Mumbai: Your Best Wedding Companions

Stunning, gorgeous, mesmerizing, appealing – that’s what every bride wants to look on her wedding day. And why not, it’s her D-Day after all! So, the first thing she needs to do is find a good makeup artist who will enhance her beauty and hide all the flaws with a stroke of a magical brush. Fortunately, there’s no dearth of such talented people in Mumbai who are constantly creating a magic with brushes, pencils, combs and most importantly heart! Jharna Shah “Oh-so-gorgeous” is the word that will come to your way if you hire this fine makeup artist Jharna Shah. With 5 years of presence in the industry and participation in many events like “Training for Femina Diva Finalists”, “Big…

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