You Will Never Get Enough Of The Latest Bridal Photo Shoot Of Ileana D’Cruz: We Bet!

Every year the wedding season comes with its own character and it’s no secret that it gets cooler and smarter. Gone are the days when the brides were spotted in red lehenga or saree with a lot of shyness in their expressions. Now they rock the wedding aisle with a lot of swag and style. Instead of shyness, what we see is quirky and bold expressions on their face. And guess what who has recently represented this in her latest bridal photo shoot?  None other than the Bollywood diva Ileana D’Cruz. Right from the Kala Chashma to twirl, she has thrown all the right expressions in the shoot. Though she is wearing traditional red lehenga, designed by Kshitija and statement…

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Wedding Jewellery Gifts That Sit Close To One’s Heart

So, your niece is getting married and you have no clue what to gift her, right? Well, you are not the only person suffering from this so called ‘gifting dilemma’, rather there are many. To come to your rescue, we suggest you go for a beautiful piece of jewellery that will reflect your love for her. Still not getting an idea? Scroll through this article then.  A pretty pendant A beautiful pendant can always be a happy addition to your niece’s jewellery assortment. She will cherish it for years and always think of you while embracing it. While you can go for a gold pendant accented with diamonds, you can opt for a platinum one. The choice is yours. Other…

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What Should Guests Wear To A Wedding This Season?

Let us for a while shift the spotlight from the bride and groom to the guests and discuss what they should wear and what they should not to a wedding. While there are many ground rules for dressing up for a wedding, the most important one is, wear something that is comfortable and does not look over do. Well, that of course, does not mean you will wear a too casual and simple cloth, but at least not something brighter and gaudier than the wedding couple. Here are some tips that you can follow in your next wedding invitation. Keep it subtle and elegant There are many women who you will find wrapped in a glossy fabric and an extravagant…

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