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Know 5 Advantages of Using A Wedding App

Starting from choosing a wedding dress to preparing a guest list, booking a venue to hiring a caterer, the list of task is endless for a wedding planning. So, being a soon-to-be-bride, are you turning into “Bridezilla” (Bride + Godzilla) state of mind? Joke apart, there’s nothing to lose your sanity as there are so many wedding apps to your rescue. To know how these apps benefit and what are the advantages of using them, continue reading the article.   #Keep A Check On The Budget A wedding means an endless expenditure and a redundant flow of money. But now there are some apps in the market that come with a wedding budget planner to help you keep a check…

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Simple Wedding Venue Decor Only With Colourful Fabrics: Isn’t That Awesome?

As the time is passing by, we are coming across more and more stupendous wedding venue decor ideas. Like in our last blog we discussed wedding table decor with candles and flowers, this time let’s take a look at some of the stunning decors only and only with colourful fabrics. Doesn’t it sound awesome? Now, let’s flip through some of the decor ideas that are sure to captivate your mind!   #Decor with yellow & pink fabric This simple wedding venue decor with bright pink and yellow fabrics along with a tinge of gold and green brocade fabrics are giving us a major inspiration. While the festive season is all around, this decor is reminding us that it’s the time to…

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5 Tips To Organise Wedding On A Shoestring Budget

No doubt that a wedding is an expensive affair, especially in India. Starting from booking a venue to buying wedding trousseau, it involves a whole lot of expenses. But what if your budget is less? Do you think that will lessen the spirit of the celebration? Not at all! It is very much possible to have an equal grand wedding on a shoestring budget. For that, all you need to do is follow a few essential tips as listed below.   #Draw a budget plan: This should be the first step of planning a wedding within a strict budget. Sit with family members and draw an overall budget for the occasion. Create a spreadsheet and list down all the possible…

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